Why You Should Try a Roof Top Tent

Why You Should Try a Roof Top Tent

Adding a roof top tent to your vehicle has it's own special set of perks that can enhance your camping experience for years to come. From our Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent Range to our Ventura XL Hard Shell Roof Top Tent, we offer something for every type of camper, no matter what your budget is. 

Below are 7 reasons why it is more enjoyable and comfortable to use a roof top tent than a traditional ground tent. 



We've all been there, after spending ages trying to find even flat ground to set up your tent, you are now fighting with poles trying to put your tent together before you lose daylight. The struggles are real. 

Our Ventura Deluxe 1.4 models are designed to ensure your camp is fully set up in under a couple of minutes from finding your parking space for the night. All you need to do is unzip the cover, pull the ladder and then tilt it down slightly to open the roof tent and all your all set and ready.

Our Ventura XL Hard Shell Roof Top Tent is even easier to set up as this features an assisted gas strut opening mechanism, making set up incredibly fast & easy. One man operation allows it to pop up in seconds to full height. 

You can keep your bedding inside of all our roof tents when they are folded away which means your bed for the night is ready and waiting. 



The views from a roof top tent are unbeaten compared to a traditional ground tent. All of our roof tents have plenty of windows and being elevated off the ground means you can see for miles, enhancing your camping experience. 

Being elevated off the ground also means you will not have to spend ages finding a dry, flat surface to set your tent up on. No matter what the weather you are sure to stay dry from wet and muddy ground. 

Sleeping in a roof top tent keeps you away from most wildlife and pests, and the built in mosquito nets ensures you are less likely to find any creepy crawlies in your tent. 



All of our customers say that sleeping in a roof tent is way more comfortable than sleeping in a traditional ground tent. 

Our Ventura Deluxe 1.4 models can comfortably sleep 2-3 adults and with the mattress being nearly 8.5ft in length and 4.5ft wide wide there is more than enough space for a comfortable night sleep. 

Our Ventura XL Hard Shell roof top tent features a thick, moisture-resistant 2” high - density foam mattress with a heavy-duty zippered cover, which can sleep 2 adults comfortably. 

You can leave your bedding inside of all of our roof top tents when you pack the tent away. This means you can bring your cozy bedding without having to worry about how much space this is going to take up. 



Our roof top tents are really easy to set up and pack away, this means they are great for wild camping.

If you have a 4x4 and enjoy going off the beaten track, then roof top tents are perfect for you. Your ability to drive to any campsite and set up quickly without worrying about the conditions of the ground allows you to get close to the outdoor adventures that you’re after. 



Weather can play a massive part in your comfort and enjoyment while camping. 

Our Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent series is designed to withstand arduous conditions on all continents and in all weathers. Capable of withstanding extreme conditions, from –27 degree mid winter weather, to altitudes of more than 3000 Meters and the heat of Morocco.

In warm climates, roof top tents catch more of a breeze than a typical ground tent. And if the wind isn’t cooperating, you can easily reposition the vehicle to face a different direction. 

The heavier weight of our roof top tents material combined with the ability to easily reposition your vehicle in the case of high winds makes our roof top tents a more enjoyable choice yet again.



When you are planning a camping trip for days or weeks you will end up bringing a lot of camping gear with you. Having a roof top tent will save you space in your vehicle as you do not need to pack a bulky ground tent, sleeping mat, etc.

You can also leave your bedding inside of our roof top tents when they are closed down which will also save you a lot of space in your vehicle. This should mean packing for your camping trip should be a lot easier and faster. 




Our roof top tent options are great for campers of all experience levels. If you’re used to regular tent camping, you will enjoy the comfort and ease of roof top tent camping. 

If you’re new to camping, roof top camping is a great option if you have concerns about sleeping on the ground, weather, or the difficulty of setting up and putting away your camp each day.

So what are you waiting for? Find the perfect roof top tent for you! To browse our range of roof top tents, click here


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