About us

Founded by William Jeakins, Ventura offers premium quality roof tents at an affordable price. The company was formed due to the ever increasing demand for quality yet affordable roof top tents by 4x4 and camping enthusiasts, wanting to experience the thrill of over-landing without the need to spend thousands of pounds on just the roof tent.

The Ventura Deluxe 1.4 roof top tent series is designed to withstand arduous conditions on all continents and in all weathers. Designed to be multi fit and not just for 4x4 off road vehicles or overland trips into the Sahara.

Our roof tents are the only UK spec Roof Top Tents designed and made to withstand the Great British weather and more. Capable of withstanding extreme conditions, from –27 degree mid winter weather, to altitudes of more than 3000 Meters and the heat of Morocco. Our rooftop tents will keep you warm, dry and safe no matter what nature has to throw at you. Easily fitted to your trailer, car, camper van, 4x4 off road or any vehicle with a roof rack, a roof top tent is an ideal addition to your outdoor life.