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Anti Theft Locking Nuts + Key

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This essential kit includes four rugged, M8-sized anti theft locking nuts and one unique key, ensuring your roof tent or awning stays secure wherever your journey takes you. The locking nuts cannot be removed with a normal spanner.

We recommend using 2 locking nuts corner to corner on the brackets of your roof tent.


A set of anti-theft locking nuts for a roof tent offers several key benefits, enhancing the security and peace of mind during your outdoor adventures. Here are a few advantages of having locking nuts:

Enhanced Security: The primary benefit is increased security. Anti-theft locking nuts are specifically designed to deter theft and unauthorised removal of your roof tent. They provide an extra layer of protection against theft, deterring potential thieves and making it more challenging for them to tamper with your roof tent.

Protect Your Roof Tent: Roof tents are valuable camping equipment, and investing in anti-theft locking nuts helps safeguard your investment. By securing your roof tent with locking nuts, you reduce the risk of losing your gear to theft, saving you the cost and hassle of replacement.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your roof tent is securely fastened and protected against theft or tampering provides peace of mind during your outdoor adventures. You can relax and enjoy your camping experience without constant worry about the safety of your gear.

Quick and Easy Installation: Anti-theft locking nuts are typically designed for ease of installation. They are user-friendly and do not require complicated tools or expertise. This means you can quickly secure your roof tent without significant hassle or delay.

Deter Unauthorised Access: In addition to deterring theft, locking nuts can also prevent unauthorised access or tampering with your roof tent. This is particularly useful if you're leaving your campsite unattended for any period, ensuring that your equipment remains intact and untouched.

Overall, anti-theft locking nuts provide added security, protection, and peace of mind for your roof tent, allowing you to fully enjoy your outdoor experiences without the stress of potential theft or tampering.


What do I get in the kit?

Four anti-theft locking nuts

A unique key


Colour: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: Fits M8 bolts 


Our products are covered by a 2 year guarantee. If in the unlikely event something breaks or is faulty, we have all necessary replacement parts which can be dispatched next day delivery.


Deliveries to mainland UK is FREE via express special courier service to ensure no damage. It is very well boxed and packaged for a safe delivery. 

Deliveries to Europe are £25 via express special courier service to ensure no damage. It is very well boxed and packaged for a safe delivery. 

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