Ext Ventura Deluxe 1.4 + Annex - £925

The Extended Ventura Deluxe 1.4 + Annex is an amazing roof tent setup. It opens up in seconds, sleeps 2-3 adults in the roof tent and a further 2-3 in the Annex. It's is made from durable materials for the most extreme conditions. Weighing just 45kgs, the roof tent easily mounts on a set of roof bars on any 4x4, pick up, car, van or trailer.
The zip on annex is one of the best features to complete the roof top tent system. This provides a huge room underneath the overhanging section of the roof tent. The annex easily zips onto the bottom of an open roof tent, featuring an entry door/exit and two windows.
When you are parked up and have the roof tent fully set up, the ladder supports the overhanging section and the base is bolted to your roof bars/roof rack.
The Extended Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent + Annex is currently £925.

The Extended Ventura Deluxe 1.4 + Annex can be setup in under a minute. The benefit of the extension allows you to come up and down the ladder completely undercover and enclosed within the annex. Setting up the extension is takes seconds, simply slide the pole out from underneath the mattress and pull the extended flysheet over. The ladder is on the inside of the roof tent/annex.


The Ventura Deluxe 1.4 is a folding out style roof top tent. Opening the roof tent is incredibly fast and easy, the opening mechanism allows one person to open up the roof tent in seconds to full height.

The zip on annex is an absolute must if you want to complete your roof tent setup. This provides a whole other room, which can be used to keep a kitchen, your wet or dirty clothing or other items. You even have enough room to sleep 2-3 adults in there. The main annex is made from the same durable and waterproof material as the roof tent. There is 1 entrance/exit and 2 windows to either side, these all have anti insect netting integrated, so you can have the option of fully opened, open with anti insect netting or fully closed. It has a fully waterproof PVC groundsheet on the floor which is zipped together with the main annex. You can also access your vehicle from inside the annex.

The Ventura Deluxe 1.4 comfortably sleeps 2-3 adults inside. The roof tent features a thick 2” high density foam mattress for ultimate comfort.


Our fixing brackets are universal and suitable for bulky roof racks and the new aerodynamic shaped roof bars as well. The roof tent can be deployed to the side/back or even over the bonnet. Fixing time is approximately 20 - 25 minutes.

The Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent is designed and made to withstand the Great British weather and more. Capable of withstanding extreme conditions, from –27 degree mid winter weather, to altitudes of more than 3000 Meters and the heat of Morocco. Many of our customers have been on overland trips across Europe, Africa and Asia.
We utilize a proprietary aluminized rip-stop Poly Cotton Canvas fabric that is 100% waterproof, breathable, UV-resistant/anti-tear and solar-reflective.
The Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent is made from a heavy duty yet lightweight Aluminium Base (45kg).
The roof tent comes with a UPVC, heavy duty waterproof cover which is sealed/zipped all around. The travel cover is designed to withstand all weather conditions.

The Extended Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent + Annex is the ideal addition to your outdoor life. A roof top tent will open you up to a whole new level of adventures. The feedback from our customers is always 'Absolutely love it!' The Extended Ventura Deluxe 1.4 + Annex is quite possibly the most affordable yet highest quality roof tent setup on the market. Starting at £925, our roof tent + annex setups are excellent value for money as similar model roof tents are usually between £1200 - £1600.
We're one of the largest roof tent suppliers in the UK, we work with the best manufacturers, straight from the source. That means no middlemen. So you get a fairer price, and an amazing roof tent :)