How Do Roof Tents Work?

How do you choose the right roof tent? How do you make sure it will fit your vehicle? On this page we will answer every possible question you have and more :)

Ventura Roof Tents are made for campers who love adventure. The quick set-up time means you can camp anywhere anytime, our roof tents are made from durable materials which makes them perfect for the wilderness.

On this page:

  • Why buy a roof tent?
  • How do you use a roof top tent?
  • What kind of roof tent should you buy?
  • How do you know if a roof tent fits your vehicle?
  • Roof top tent accessories and features


Why should I buy a roof tent?

There are lots of benefits of a roof tent:

The adventure. Camping in a roof tent is a unique way to experience the great outdoors, no matter what the conditions are, our roof tents are built to last. Ventura Roof Tents handle bad weather better than ground tents and can be used in much harsher terrain..

The view. Ventura Roof Tents have windows at each side and at the front and back which means you have easy viewing of the incredibly scenery wherever you are. As you are up high, you can have views far better than you ever would in a ground tent.

Quick to set up.  Ventura Roof Tents can be opened and packed away within 2-3 minutes. There are no fiddly guide ropes, tent poles or pegs as you would have in a ground tent. All you have to do is unzip the cover, pull the ladder to unfold the roof tent and you’re done. This means more time to explore and much less time setting up your pitch for the night.

Comfort. Ventura Roof Tents have a super comfy soft foam mattresses which is way comfier than a blow-up mattresses (especially a deflated one!). Your pillow, bedding, sleeping bags and more remains inside the roof tent when it's closed which means you can jump in as soon as the roof tent is opened. Also, the roof tents flat floor means no more lumps and bumps in the ground digging into your back.

Helps you keep clean and dry. Our roof tents keep you up and away from the muddy ground.

Built for all kinds of weather. The materials used to make our roof tents are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Roof Tent vs Camper Van?

Ventura Roof Tents are way more affordable than a folding camper or camper van – but are still a mini mobile home transported by your car. Ventura Roof Tents can be transported on any vehicle which makes them much more flexible, they can also handle bumpy terrain making them perfect for off-road adventures.

How do you use a roof tent?

How to install a roof top tent?

Before you can go out and explore in a roof tent, you have to first mount the roof tent to your vehicle on either roof bars or a roof rack. Our roof tents are designed for an easy installation that takes around 15-20 minutes. 

Your order will come with all fixings needed and an instruction manual. You can also find more information about the installation by clicking here. 


Which roof tent should I buy?

Ventura roof tents for hatchback/estate vehicles

If you have a hatchback/estate sized vehicle and are looking to sleep 2-3 adults, then our Ventura Deluxe 1.4 range would be best suited for you. There are two options for this model which are:

Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent - Only £749

Extended Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent - Only £774


Both of these models have the exact same internal dimensions inside which are 240CM length and 140CM width. The Extended Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent has an extension over entrance which allows you to come up and down completely undercover & enclosed.


Ventura Roof Tents for larger vehicles

Larger vehicles are able to include the drop down annex which zips around the overhang section of the roof tent. The annex is designed to flare out and get much wider as it reaches the ground. The annex is best suited to vehicles between 170CM - 210CM in height.



Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

The Ventura XL Hard Shell is an all round incredible hard shell roof tent. It pops up in seconds, sleeps 2 adults and is made from durable materials for the most extreme conditions (Made In Europe). Weighing 65kgs, the roof tent easily mounts on a set of roof bars on any car, 4x4, pick up, van or trailer.

Ventura XL Fibreglass Hard Shell Roof Tent - Only £1349


How do I know if a roof tents will fit on my vehicle?

We know how important it is to make sure that your roof tent is secure and safe. That’s why it is important that your tent fits your car properly. Below are some things to consider when checking if a tent will fit your car.

Weight capacity

The dynamic weight capacity is the weight your car can handle when driving. This is the maximum weight capacity specified by the vehicle manufacturer. It's basically the weight capacity needed to hold your roof top tent.

An illustration that shows one arrow pointing down on a car on the street with a folded rooftop tent.The static weight capacity, on the other hand, is the weight that your car can take when the car is parked, the tent is set up and the ladder is deployed. Since the ladder supports the overhang section, the static weight capacity is 250KG. 
An illustration of a car with an unfolded rooftop tent and three arrows pointing down.


Distance requirement 

There are two aluminium mounting channels at the base of the roof tent used to attached the tent onto your vehicle. We recommend your cross bars to be a distance of 80cm-1m apart. All you will need to mount our roof tents onto your vehicle are two cross bars that have a minimum load rating of 50KG. 

Roof bars

All you will need to mount our roof tents onto your vehicle are two cross bars that have a minimum load rating of 50KG. 

We offer two types of cross bars that will work for every vehicle:

Black square steel cross bars with a load rating of 75KG- £110. 

Silver aero aluminium lockable cross bars with a load rating of 75KG- £125.



Roof Type

There are four types of roof your vehicle can have and our roof tents will work on all types. 

Closed Rail

Open Rail

Non Rail

Fixed Point

Roof tent accessories

  • How do you heat a roof top tent? We offer a thermal insulation liner, and this rooftop tent insulation is fitted to your tent and attaches to the internal frame for extra protection from the cold. For the most part, car top tents are warmer than ground tents because their material is thicker. Not to mention the added benefit of being up off the cold ground.
  • Why use a roof top tent with an annex? Our Ventura Deluxe models come with a detachable annex. This gives you more sheltered space to get dressed before heading out on a day of exploring or extra space to keep your gear.

  • Anti-condensation mat: When placed on the floor under the mattress, this mat helps keep the inside of the tent from getting musty and damp.
  • Anti-theft locking nuts: These secure your roof top tent to your cross bars to ensure this cannot be stolen.